The Reality of Being Born into a Family with Opium Addicted Parents

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Being the youngest in a Christian Mood family of eight, I always felt like I was alone. I never felt like I had the parental guidance or affections I need as a child. This was partly because my parents themselves never had any parental guidance and they've been addicted to opium ever since they got married. For as long as I can remember, they were always in their room smoking away and never coming out unless they needed to. Due to that I felt detached from them and it made me feel empty. My parents never asked where I was, who I was with, or what I was doing so I had always had a sense that they didn’t really care. Feeling neglected hit me pretty hard. I stopped trying to get good grades in school, I stopped talking to people unless spoken to, and my choices in friends weren’t all that wise. I stopped caring because I thought even if I did perfect in my classes, my parents would just brush it off like always. Being surrounded by drugs and keeping it a secret put a lot of unnecessary pressure on me, especially when I was asked what kind of job my parents had. We were on we...
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