The Reality Of Virtual Reality

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The term Virtual Reality is a very unique way of bringing life to a world which doesn't even exist. There are many ways by which people have been trying to bring in the consent of the audience and to grab their interest. The history of virtual reality is marvelous in terms of what it was and what it is now. When before 1960s virtual reality existed, it was popular with the term "Pygmalion's Spectacles". Then there was "View-Master" a device in which there was a circular disc having small pictures in it and to view these pictures a person has to use a viewer where he places the disc inside of the designated place and then view in the direction of light. Then from the year 2000 onwards there were many platforms
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Virtual Reality got famous from the gaming industry and from sci-fi movies. In science fiction films there were numerous scenes about person wearing goggles and then looking into a different world or a portal. Things which are presented in movies do fascinate the viewers and so the real Virtual Reality concept came to life. This thing was also seen from the gaming industry as one of the biggest Graphics Processing Chip Company NVidia built its first stereoscopic goggles called NVidia 3D vision. The sole purpose of those glasses was to wear them while playing a game and it will make you feel like you are the character and you are inside the game. Some of the games which made this technology popular are Battlefield, Batman, HAWX and…show more content…
The VR 2 glasses were even better than before, the true effects of them was seen in the game Crysis 2, Batman Arkham City and Battlefield 3. Though they were expensive, still people were excited about this new technology called "Virtual Reality 3D ready". Using them would make a gamer feel as if he is in the environment where the game is being played. People can actually look around and they'll feel like they are inside.
Taking this technology and putting it one step ahead, companies started to make the VR gears from 2014. The cost of these gears were like spikes as they were too expensive and there were some glitches in them too. But coming towards the year 2016, now finally this technology is getting popular and gaining the interest of people. Especially since the cellphone companies have opt them as a tool to increase their sales. The most popular VR are Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung gear VR and Google cardboard. The prices of these start from $15 and goes as high as $750.

In the past the field of view was not that much and a user could not look more than 170 to 210 degree. But now the companies have focused on making the VR gears to be for a whole 360 degree experience. Star Wars game is also one of the best example in this regard as it makes you feel like you are the soldier who is in the game and you are in that battlefield.

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