The Reality Of Human Trafficking

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The documentary “Tricked” was very difficult to watch but it was obligatory that we do because we need to see the reality of human trafficking. It really exposed what the victims of human trafficking go through everyday. The fact that they also interviewed different pimps and showed us how they operate is very important since it gave us a deeper understanding on how they choose their victims and get them to stay. In this paper, not only will I talk about what I learned about human trafficking throughout the semester in, and from reading The Slave Across the Street, The Slave Next door, Half the Sky and listening to Heidi’s presentation; I will also talk about what I believe is the best way to fight human trafficking and why. I will focus more on the documentary “Tricked”. I chose this documentary because it revealed to us the real face of human trafficking in the United States. The main message of the books that we read, and documentaries that we watched is that human trafficking is an issue that is affecting many individuals, especially the most vulnerable in our society and it is not receiving the attention that it requires. The books and documentaries focused a lot on the methods to fight human trafficking and they were mostly dedicated on saving the victims or helping them recover. Most of the non-profit organization against human trafficking that my classmates presented also focused on helping the victims but I believe prevention is the best remedy. As a pre-med student, I believe that instead of looking for a cure for human trafficking, we should also look for a “vaccine” to prevent it from happening. Preventing human trafficking will help potential victims not have to go through its horrors, which of course is so much be... ... middle of paper ... ...girls doesn’t stimulate growth and foster stability, for example, it is also true that one of the most educated parts of rural India is the state of Kerala, which has stagnated economically” (Kristof & WuDunn, 2009). Punishing severely johns and pimps will scare them to enter the business thus saving more girls. Educating girls will help them have better choices to earn money so they have less chances of being trafficked. This class made me realize how prominent, dangerous and complicated human trafficking is. The thing that scares me the most is how unaware we are of this phenomenon that’s is happening right in front us. I am glad that today I can see the signs of human trafficking and either prevent someone from being trafficked or help them get out of it by contacting the police. I can also raise awareness and educate someone on the terrors of human trafficking.

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