The Reality Of Beauty Pageants

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They all work together to create an entertaining reality show about online dating. These narratives also exist outside the world of Catfish. They have been scripted into our media to frame how we are today. Beauty has been and always will be a large narrative in our society. From a young age we are taught beauty standards and we constantly have these standards shown to us in the media. We are shown beauty pageants, modeling competitions and even transformation shows(make over shows). Just about every printed image we are shown is photo shopped. Our standards of beauty have been given to us by the media. Yes, we all take different features from society’s suggestions but ultimately it has shaped how we see beauty. It is a known fact that it has affected how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive others. Now it is beginning to affect how we portray ourselves and what we project onto others. There are often times in the show where someone will lie about what they look like, or times when the supposed catfish is not up to the physical standards of the other person. The catfish will then claim “I only lied about my appearance. Everything else was true. I never lied about my feelings for you.” which of course causes a large obstacle in the possibility of a future relationship. So why do they feel inclined to lie about only their appearance. Part of falling in love has to do with physical attraction but who is to say that they would not have been that person’s image of beauty to begin with. Some may argue that people lie over the internet in order to live out the life of a person they wish they were. In the context of Catfish, people lie in order to attract someone else. The goal is less of a selfish satisfaction and more of a slightl... ... middle of paper ... ...d Scorpio the audience hopes that she can overlook his weight and love him for who he is but alas she cannot and they just stay friends. The idea of overcoming adversity has been entwined into our media to project the idea of an underdog. When society shows an underdog coming out on top the audience is then able to take the place of that underdog and give themselves hope of achievement in the future. We are also shown this narrative in competition shows such as The Voice. The musicians competing on the show have to work through trying to outdo each other and some how making a music career from scratch. Shows like these are to humor that child in us that was told we can be anything we want when we grow up. Shows like these help reiterate that you’re never too old, you do not need all the money, it is not who know you, being talented will help bring forth successful.

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