The Reality Of Alcoholism And Alcoholism

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The Reality of Alcoholism “You have a hollowed out heart but it’s heavy in your chest I try so hard to fight it but it’s hopeless. Oh, father, please, father I’d love to leave you alone but I can’t let you go. Oh, father, please, father put the bottle down for the love of a daughter”(Demi). This is the chorus of the song For The Love Of A Daughter by the talented Demi Lovato. The song is about Lovato growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father. Throughout the song she opens up about how scared she was as a child and how that fear shaped her into the adult she is today. “Some 6.6 million children live in a home with at least one alcoholic parent,” and of those children it is estimated that in the U.S. alone one in four children are exposed to an alcohol abusive home environment (Wpadmin). What’s even more alarming is how few people are aware of how an alcoholic abuse can affect the children of these drinkers. The home environment of a child is essential in affecting who they grow up to be in their adulthood. Adult children of alcoholics have certain characteristics that reflect their childhood home such as harsh self-criticism and low self-esteem, physical illness, and a fear of losing control. Harsh self-criticism and low self-esteem is one of the many characteristics shown in an adult who grew up in an alcoholic environment. As a personal victim, I can say that I never noticed this trait in myself until I did actual research on how this is a regular occurrence that appears in others. “Adult children of alcoholics are weighed down with a very low sense of self-esteem and respect, no matter how competent they may be”(Woititz). An example of this is when a person achieves something such as an award or a goal and the person d... ... middle of paper ... ... them. People also assume that to be an alcoholic one must be drunk everyday, but those are extreme cases, so minor cases aren’t seen as being a big deal. Since people don’t realize an alcoholic can affect the people around them, they don’t consider how a growing child is affected by their parents’ drinking problem. As these children grow into adults they can show various characteristics such as harsh self-criticism and low self-esteem, physical illness, and a fear of losing control. These characteristics are just a few of many that can be found in children of alcoholics and these problems affect these people with their mental health. The issue of alcoholism and mental health awareness deserves more attention than it has because these issues can affect so many people who don’t realize they should seek help to feel better about themselves and who they are as a person.

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