The Realism Movement Influences

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The Realism Movement in the nineteen century provoked society to transition into a whole new mindset in the way they viewed the world. It was more than a movement or a passive trend, but it became more of a lifestyle. In the 18th century, the United States experienced The Enlightenment in which society became more open to becoming more educated. This is a broad interpretation of the time era that said that, “The Enlightenment produced the first modern theories of psychology and ethics…. creating the individual character according to the individual experience” (Bodrogean, Adina). United States transitioned into a Romanticism era that due to the romantic artists and authors common themes at the time were the nature of love, right vs evil, and heroism. Authors were sugar coating their works and about heroes just unrealistic anecdotes about life. The Civil War was a turning point society became aware about the hardships, devastation and fear. Life wasn’t all about hope and optimism. Society would start to question religion and life itself which led to the realist view of the time era. We transitioned into a new era where society encounters the hardships in life and how Romanticism was not all the life was about. In the nineteen century the Realism Movement was uprising in the literature aspect with authors and playwrights such as Langston Hughes, Henrik Ibsen, and Anton Chekhov. Due to the expansion of the Realism Movement in music and literature, African Americans generated styles such as jazz, blues, and spirituals. The eighteen century was marked by the enlightenment values that radicalized through the entire nation. The Enlightenment brought forward the incentive of an individual to preserve in education and the raise of que... ... middle of paper ... .... Web. 25 April 2014. Hemmer, Bjorn. "Ibsen--Greatest and Most Influential." Norseman (Oslo, Norway) Vol. 46, No. 1. Jan. 2006: 4-11. SIRS Renaissance. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. May, Charles E. "Reality In The Modern Short Story." Style 27.3 (1993): Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Apr. 2014. Morse, Michael W. "African American Music." Encyclopedia of American Studies. John Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010. Credo Reference. Web. 25 April 2014. Prono, Luca. “Literature.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: New England. Santa Barbara: ABC, 2004. Credo Reference. Web 25 April 2014. "Realism." The Thames & Hudson Dictionary Of Art and Artists. London: Thames & Hudson, 1994. Credo Reference. Web. 23 April 2014. Smith, Duncan. "Realism." Encyclopedia of German Literature. London: Routledge, 2000. Credo Reference. Web. 23 April 2014.

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