The Real Gatsby

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"What little I've accomplished has been by the most laborious and uphill work and I wish now I'd never relaxed or looked back…but at the end of The Great Gatsby: 'I've found my line ,from now on this comes first”,F. Scott Fitzgerald (Chalupa 1). F. Scott Fitzgerald was passionate about his writing by always placing it first in his life. Mirroring his economical and personal encounters of his life, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the award winning novel of the Roaring Twenties, The Great Gatsby. Economic situations in F. Fitzgerald’s life gave him the inspiration for the character in The Great Gatsby. After graduating from the Newman School in 1913, Fitzgerald decided to settle in New Jersey to continue his artistic passion at Princeton University (“Fitzgerald F. Scott” 1). At Princeton, he committed himself to as a writer, by writing scripts for various musicals and articles for the Princeton Tiger and stories for the Nassau Literary Magazine (“Fitzgerald F. Scott”). But, his writing caused him difficulty in his studies, and was placed under academic probation. In 1917 F. Fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton because of his low income and lack of academic interest (“Fitzgerald F. Scott”). Fitzgerald was enlisted in the army in 1917. In the weeks before reporting to duty, Fitzgerald was afraid that he could not carry out his literary dreams and wrote a novel called The Romantic Egotist (“Fitzgerald F. Scott”). Eventually Fitzgerald was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry and assigned to Camp Sheridan (“Fitzgerald F. Scott”). In comparison with Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s economical life was based off F.Fitzgerald economic choices. For instance Fitzgerald incorporated his academic predicaments into the character of... ... middle of paper ... ...erall, Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby with Fitzgerald created Gatsby in a way that embodied his own life into Gatsby’s character. And though his creation of Gatsby he made Daisy embody Zelda’s characteristics. Though there are some differences within the storyline from Fitzgerald life, the novel itself mirrors his own life. In his novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald was the real Great Gatsby both in his economical and personal experiences. Works Cited Chalupa, Andrea.“F. Scott Fitzgerald on Writing ‘The Great Gatsby.’” Big Think. n.p. 9 May 2013.Web.9 Feb 2014. Fassler, Joe. The Great Gatsby. “Line That Came from Fitzgerald's Life—and Inspired a Novel” The Atlantic. n.p. 2 July 2013.Web.9 Feb 2014. “Fitzgerald F. Scott”. The Biography Channel Website. n.p. n.d. Web.10 Feb 2014. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 1953.Print.
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