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Cleveland was founded the City of Cleveland in 1796. Originally a frontier village, Cleveland grew into a manufacturing and business center for northern Ohio. Today, the city is headquarters for manufacturing and service industries, as well as a growing tourism and convention destination. The Cleveland Plus region extends 100 miles along the Lake Erie shoreline. Cleveland Plus Region is separated into five distinct districts; Historic Warehouse District, Playhouse Square District, Civic Center District, North Coast Harbor District, Flats District, and Historic Gateway District (Cleveland Plus History).I lived in Cleveland for 16 years and Cleveland will always remain my one true home. There are many opportunities in Cleveland, whether it is recreational or financial. Each district is unique in its own special way.
The Historic Warehouse District was originally built into a warehousing and distributioncommunity during the engineering and manufacturing rise of Cleveland. Within the past few decades, it has been altered into amore entertainment, dining, and residential pivot. The Historic Warehouse District is the largest inner city neighborhood by residents, and continues to expand with an assortment of shops, clubs, bars, and apartments (Warehouse District).
The Playhouse SquareDistrict is also known for its lustrous theater performances. It is home to the second-largest performing arts complex in the U.S. The Playhouse Square Center is Cleveland’s downtown cultural heart. The area is ruled by five historic theaters that were built during the 1920s. They are; State, Ohio, Allen, Hanna, and Palace theaters are all located together. When I was younger my grandmother would take my older brothers and I too many screen plays. The most ...

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...mories that a person can grasp an irreplaceable resource that everyone should experience.

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