The Reading Of Women 's Movements And The State

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1. Intersectionality means how gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, or any identifiers interline to affect how a person is viewed by views society as well as how they interact. In the reading of Women’s Movements in Global Era author explains about gender inequality in Introduction chapter under the section of “Women’s Movements and the State”. She gives an example of the women’s movement which she said that “break their promises to adopt policies around gender inequality, recognize and then retract women’s rights” (13). She tried to explain the differences of gender and sex of a women.. Gender is a different identity of a woman such as gay, heterosexual, and many others. The term of sex means female or male. These are gender identities are differ from the term of sex. In the other reading in Women’s Movements in Global Era explains about gender identities in the chapter of South African Feminisms. This chapter explains how gender affects the women under “Femocrats, the State, and the National Gender Machinery” explains that in section 9 of South African constitution has the right they agreed for “equality and freedom from discrimination for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disability” (33). In the end, women have the rights for intersectionality with different identities including gender, race, class, sexuality, and religion whatever she believe in her beliefs. 2. The book of Women’s Movements in Global Era by Amrita Basu explains about political change in Pakistan. The first example under the section, “Political Rights and Representation” explains about women elected. She said, “for making women so elected accountable not to a female electorate but to the predominantly male politicians w... ... middle of paper ... ...tacks and people thinks Muslim women are “to make a case for the ‘War on Terrorism’” effects on these women. People think they are terrorists because what they are wearing, however, they still do “listen to music and teach their daughters without fear of punishment” (784). The women still go on with their lives by teaching her daughters and try to enjoy their lives without worrying what the people think of her. These women have to wear veiling, which is covering their head including their faces and people outside of Muslim thinks she is terrorism. However, some women with burqa decided to be “’good women’ who stay inside the home” which also center of globalization means for women. Some women will stay in the house to be a good woman by not coming out after the terror attacks on the United States, and this defiantly changed women’s lives and impacted on new changes.
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