The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

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I walk into my house looking for my son and Lenore. I realized it was awkwardly quiet. I started to walk up the stairs case when I heard “sounds” coming out of me and Lenore bedroom. It was sounds that I know oh so well. I grabbed my gun and ran up the stairs. I busted into the room and my heart stopped. The sight I saw in front of me was the most disturbing thing ever. Lenore and my son are in the bed having “relations”. Tears filled my eyes and my heart build with rage as they tried to explain. I cocked the gun and shot around the bedroom with my eyes close to erase what I just saw. When I opened them there stood my Lenore oh so pale standing over my lifeless son. I stood there and watched as my body went numb. How could they betray me? Since the incident I haven’t spoken to my wife. Lenore has been looking really pale lately. “Lenore” I said. There she stood with such a pale and sadden face. As I walk towards her she drops to the floor so lifeless and unconscious. I quickly pick her up and carried her to the guest room. I saw that she was still breathing so I left to get her a c...

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