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741 words

Edgar Allan Poe’s inspiration for his dark short stories intrigued the world to know about the man behind “the mask” (The Mask of The Red Death, 1842). When Poe was only two years old, his talented actress of a mother, Elizabeth Poe, died of tuberculosis (May, 2007). Fortunately, the Allans of Richmond took him in as their own, but separated Poe from his brother Henry and sister Rosalie (Chronology of Edgar Allan Poe, 2010). Poe grew attached to his foster mother, Frances Allan, and Poe’s life began to lighten up until Mrs. Allan died of tuberculosis 18 years later (Chronology of Edgar Allan Poe, 2010). Her death spiraled Poe’s life into more darkness than he was born with, although this wretched curse did not stop following him. In 1836, Poe …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how edgar allan poe's inspiration for his dark short stories intrigued the world to know about the man behind "the mask"
  • Explains that the romantic period was known for the "first great literary generation produced in the united states." poe's lack of detail created a mysterious attraction to his work.
  • Analyzes how poe's famous the raven conveys the theme of losing a loved one, and annabel lee reflect on the same theme.
  • Analyzes how annabel lee came to be from the mourning of edgar allan poe's young wife and cousin, virginia clemm.
  • Explains that edgar allan poe died in washington college hospital in 1849 and was buried in his grandfather's plot. his writing evades the wraith of time.

The emotions discussed in the narrator’s tone obviously portrays Poe’s emotions when he lost the women he cherished. The bird constantly reminds the narrator that his wife will never return to him, and the narrator goes insane from the thought of her non-existence (May, 2007). Furthermore, the raven itself is a symbolic meaning of the narrator’s depression. Readers can analyze the color of the bird represents the narrator’s dark thoughts and foreshadows his tragic realization Lenore, the love of his life, is “nevermore” (Poe, 1845). Not only does Poe’s famous The Raven conveys the theme of losing a loved one, but Annabel Lee also is widely known to reflect on the same …show more content…

The poem describes a woman the narrator claims “she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me.” (Poe, 1849). Evidence in the text that most likely convinces the audience 13 year old Virginia Clemm was the origin behind this poem is when the narrator informs “I was a child and she was a child” (Poe, 1849). The speculation is credible since Clemm passed away three years prior to the publication of the poem (Studniarz, 2015). Overall, Annabel Lee is another work conjured by Poe’s shadowed heart that successfully manifested his internal

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