The Raven Essay

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1.) The Raven is by a man sitting alone in his house. Late one night, the man hears a tapping sound at his door. At first he thought it is merely someone coming to visit him. Instead of opening the door, he began to think of his lost love Lenore. Who has recently passed away.The man begins to fear what is on the other side of the door. But ends up working up the courage to open the door and all he sees is darkness. He continues to hear the tapping, so he checks the window. An then out of no where a raven comes flying in and lands above his door. The man asks in a scared voice to the raven what its name is. The raven answers, Nevermore. The man began to ask the raven about Lenore and if she was in Heaven, the raven repeated, Nevermore. Which angered the man. But the man finally realized that the bird will never leave because it represents his memory of Lenore which will also never leave him. It is like a curse that will stay with him unless he learns to forget. If he doesn't the raven will continue to be that sad sign hovering over him. 2.)The song I chose was Born This Way by Lady G...
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