The Rational Choice Theory: The Nature Vs. Nurture

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In the eternal exploration into understanding the complex criminal mind, a multitude of theories, in the study of criminology, have flourished. Among these theories is the nature vs nurture debate, which suggest that criminal behavior is either genetically inherited or a consequence of environmental influence. These two views on criminal causation differ in many ways but they are not without their similarities.
Through the earnest process of research in biological criminology, some theorists advocate that criminality is a predisposed defect. In the early study of this field, it was thought that physical appearance determined who would engage in criminal activity, consequently, this primitive thinking lead the use of eugenics, sterilizing
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If Cory has decided to commit a crime there are many factors he will need to consider including what type of crime he is going to commit. He will also need to analyze his criminal skills, for example, if Cory has learned the art of pickpocketing, he could use this artistry to acquire someone else’s property and disappear before they even notice.
Theft does not always necessarily require a particular set of skills he can simply “snatch” a person’s belongings, but he will need to think about who, where, and when. In this case he would want to choose a target whose assets are easily accessible, usually a woman 's purse and then examine the way in which she is carrying it, furthermore, he should also access the individual 's appearance and decide whether or not the risk will be worth it. The location will be just as important as the victim; a densely populated area could help or hinder his crime. The time of day will contribute to his success or failure as well. stealing in broad daylight takes confidence, but there are more targets to choose from, whereas some thieves might feel more comfortable under the cloak of darkness and decide upon a victim of