The Racial Caste System In Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow

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If someone is successful does not mean they didn’t have a hard time in their journey of being successful. That doesn’t mean the racial caste system doesn’t exist. Michelle Alexander argued in her book, “The New Jim Crow” that “the superlative nature of individual black achievement today is formerly white domains are a good indicator that old Jim Crow is dead, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of racial cast. In history is any guide, it many have simply taken a different form.” (21) I agree with Michelle Alexander that black individual who have nice nature are successful in white man’s world. It is good, but that doesn’t mean that black people are equal to white. One reason why I agree with Dr. Alexander, Jarvis Cotton was not allowed…show more content…
Did it really collapsed? There are people who are not allowed to vote because they are black. There are people who are labeled as criminals because they are black. When people see black people they think they are drug dealers. Black people still don’t have right to vote just as one of the examples that Michelle Alexander give us at the begin of her book, she says that Jarvious Cotton was denied to vote because he was black and he was arrested for some reason In his life. How come his father, grandfather and his great, great grandfather didn’t got a chance to vote? No one was allowed to veto in his family history, Cotton’s great- great grandfather couldn’t vote because he was the slave, then his great grandfather, he was beaten to death by Ku Kluy Klan because he was a slave and he tries to vote, then his father tries to vote and they give him so much from and he even had to take the test. It should be the other way around the those people should we…show more content…
when the president had declared the free slavery, but not every single black was free from their master. That what President Lincoln try to do, but nothing happens. the only thing happened was war and so many people die. Alexander tells us about the civil war, she said “ civil war had to be won first, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and then - only then we 're slaves across the South set free.” why they had to fight to get freedom When “ The contitvtiral amendments guaranteeing African American will have “equal protection of law” and have right to vote.” Did black people really got equal protection from law as white? Not at all black become less power and in the camps that was like worse than where they use to be

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