The REAL American Dream

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The “American Dream” is a phrase used to describe the goals and ambitions of the people of the United States. Freedom, equality, and opportunity, are all the forefront of this “dream.” But how many people are actually satisfied with that? These dreams, drove the older generation towards success, this realization that there is something better than average is what pushed people to invent machines, invest their money, and build homes and businesses. People live in an America that refuses to accept “impoverished” as a way of life, although it is clear and in front of them. Although Americans want to be free and receive many opportunities, greed is the real dream, because they want money and as much profit as they can get, more than they want their freedoms and opportunities. Money controls almost everything in our country. A piece of green paper rules the lives of over 314 Million people, leading them to do anything in their power to obtain it. In the movie, The Raisin in the Sun, money, greed, and the opportunity and idea of being rich, makes a monster of the lead character, Walter. His father has recently passed, and his mother will be receiving his insurance money, a total of ten thousand dollars which would be about $80,639 in 2014. He manipulates his wife into acting for his mother in order to receive some of this money for his investment. His mother was planning on supplying an efficient amount to Beneatha to pay for her college and medical schooling, which was her dream. Walter’s greed caused him to ruin the dreams of his own blood. This money would have been able to support him and his family’s way of life for many years. But he is not satisfied with just that, he wanted to be rich like the higher class that he chauffeure... ... middle of paper ... ...cally, he wants more. He can’t stand just being with her, but he wants her to leave everything she’s ever had and move with him. He wants her husband Tom out of the picture and to admit that she never loved him even if it may not be true, because it is not enough for Gatsby. His greed for wanting Daisy drove him crazy; he revolved his whole life around obtaining money and achieving his dream of being with Daisy. These objects, materials, and opportunities that are put in front of anxious Americans are the root to their greed. Why have less when you can have more? The availability and appearance of all these things in life that are considered finer, better, and more respectable are what cause people to do anything in their power to obtain them. The strong wish to have money, power, and glory ruin the actuality of our being, and does not keep us true to ourselves.
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