The Quiet Gem of California

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California, The Golden State, is best known for its breathtaking beaches, splendid weather, and its’ fun filled metropolises, which allow for the state to have a tourist economy unlike any other state in the nation. The Golden State always has something to offer, in fact it contains so much that a tourist would need several months to explore California and all that it is available. However, even then a tourist would still miss out on all of the attractions not found on postcards, the attractions tucked away into the mountains or hidden behind the mega tourist spots. California is a state full of destinations known around the world, ranging from Disneyland to the ever natural beauty of Yosemite. However, one does not normally think of the road that takes one to such destinations. The iconic Highway 1 is a prime example of a forgotten gem, a route full of attractions that even the highway itself has become iconic. In this paper I will examine how a stretch of highway 655 miles long among the 387041 miles that state of California holds contains so much rich history and attractions of all kinds (Dougherty), allowing for Highway 1 to be in itself considered an attraction. An attraction that needs to be maintained and one that conformed to meet the requirements set upon by the geographical terrain it needed to cover.
Tourism plays a large part in the economics of California, for along with agriculture and the technology field, tourism creates a large percentage of the revenue for the state. In 2012 alone, 106.1 billion dollars were spent by tourists vising the state’s various attractions and scenic views that it has to offer (California Travel). Meanwhile, in 2004 visitors spent 81.4 billion dollars, in just a span of eight years the g...

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