The Quest For Saint Aquin By Anthony Boucher

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Science Fiction is writing based off of hard facts and traceable evidence. Religion tends to be a very controversial topic when the plot of a science fiction story involves religious aspects. Religion and science come from polar opposite sides of the spectrum. Science requires the evidence coming from the dry, hard facts and religion is based off of faith and belief of the unknown. The issue religion presents is its untraceability and supernaturalism which creates mass controversy when brought about in science fiction. In the short story “The Quest for Saint Aquin” by Anthony Boucher, the author writes about the religious beliefs regarding the “never-decaying” saint, Saint Aquin. The Pope is extremely poor and has lost most of the power to his people which is stated in the book, “The Bishop of Rome, the Head of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Vicar of Christ on Earth- in short, the Pope- brushed a cockroach from the filth-encrusted wooden table, took another sip of the raw red wine, and resumed his disclosure.” (Boucher 378). He sends Thomas on a quest with the help of a robass to find Aquin. The purpose of the quest is that Thomas finds the “never-decaying” saint and brings back the information in hopes of uniting the people of a proven similar belief. In this story religion serves as a used and manipulated tool in order to restore unity. Once Thomas finds Aquin he shortly unveils the unknown truth- Aquin was never a human, he is a robot. Therefore making the story of his “never-decaying” body completely plausible since Aquin’s body is all mechanically structured. He struggles with the truth and begins to wonder if religion is all a lie. Afterall he and the whole congregation were led to believe an untrue story for c... ... middle of paper ... ...ious beliefs. “The Quest for Saint Aquin” and “The Way of Cross and Dragon” do not suggest the idea that science and religion can work in unification to answer the unanswered questions. These stories leave the reader with the impression that science is the “new religion” or so that science is the only answer. Religious views are often disproven by technology or nihilistic characters and are cast aside in the genre of science fiction. In a general sense religion is viewed as a way to mass control society and when it is proven to be based on a false premise the connotation is most often negative. As the characters are exposed to the true purpose of religion they are upset that the religious promises are misconstrued and twisted ways to trick and mislead society with the sole purpose of unification. Therefore religion is often negatively represented in science fiction.

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