The Quest For Immortality

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I believe that literal and spiritual immortality are impossible but genetic, memorial, and historical are achievable. In my opinion, literal immortality is impossible from a medical view. This could never happen because the body’s’ organs and muscles would wear out and stop working, for example the heart is a muscle and would eventually stop working over time. Eventually the lubrication in the joints would dry out and moving would be unbearably painful. In addition, the skin would lose elasticity. I also do not believe in spiritual immortality because I do not believe that someone could live forever in heaven.

My education has greatly influenced by beliefs on immortality. My education has always been focused on more science than religious views, mainly because schools are not allowed to discuss religious subjects. I was told about evolution in elementary and because I had no religious background that was the first explanation of what would happen after I died.

My mom went to church when she was younger because her parents made her and my dad went because he was the preachers’ s...

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