The Quality And Meaning Of Banksy: The Art Of Banksy's Art

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Banksy is known as king of graffiti, british artist, painter and as well as a filmmaker with a unknown identity (“The Story Behind Banksy”). However, the names Robin Gunningham and Robert Banks are often used unknowingly to give an identity to Banksy (“Banksy Biography”). The true identity still to this day is uncertain. Banksy began his career in the early 90’s with a graffiti crew in Bristol called DryBreadZ (“Banksy Biography”). Banksy’s work is considered vandalism by law and critics but, it is meaningful art that portrays a powerful but, straightforward message. Banksy 's art is based on politics, war, hypocrisy, greed, societies issues, and even includes humorous messages ("Banksy Biography")
The quality and meaning of Banksy’s art have many different perspectives. Critics view Banksy as
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Banksy art is arguably the best graffiti art as of right now, if not ever. Banksy’s popularity boosted because his art sparks a fire with people, for the majority of the people being youth due to his bold approach to the message he portrays through artwork. Banksy’s art developed a massive following with his broad and direct statements that capture the attention of younger kids and young adults. The hip-hop style of his work influences the youth to follow as well. There has been many great graffiti artists before Banksy, who gained a great amount of notoriety, but arguably Banksy’s popularity surpasses any of those great graffiti artist due to his universal following. The work Banksy creates is no doubt nothing less than pure. His art is so distinct that it would be very hard to mistake his work for anyone else’s. The unorthodox side of Banksy’s art is why he is so attractive around the world (An Analysis Of Banksy). Banksy is skilled with capturing attention with the art and creativity he produces and that’s why he is becoming a very popular. Banksy hands down is a great artist because his art has meaning and a

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