The Qualities and Traits Mangers Need to be Successful

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When deciding if becoming a manager is right for you, one should carefully look at the qualities that it takes to become a manager. One should decide if he or she possesses the traits that it requires to be a manager. If he or she discovers that there is a lacking in one of the traits then he or she must look at how that can be improved and whether it can be improved at all. I was asked to do just this in my Management and Organizational Behavior class. I will be looking at my weakness and how I can go about improving them and looking at my strengths that I already possess and how they will help me in the business world. I will discuss my weaknesses that I found during my research first. I took the ‘Rate Your Global Management Potential’ test on page 121 and it told me that I really lack the skills that it takes to become a global manager. I really do not know very much about other cultures at this point in my life but in order to be an effective manager and, especially an effective global manager, I have to be able to relate to people of other cultures and definitely know information about those cultures and places. To start broadening my horizons, I could learn a foreign language, such as Spanish. I could also travel when I get the opportunity to help in the process of learning other languages and become immersed into other cultures. I could take a class in World Cultures to further my education in this area. I also learned by looking at “How Tolerant Are You?” on page 380 that I am not a very tolerant person. I scored a 30 on my scale of tolerance, which said that I am less tolerant than the normal person and that could really affect my business or personal relationships. I will have to slowly work on this because it is not a... ... middle of paper ... ...ry important and when looking at these tests I found that they told me more of my strengths than my weaknesses. I think that the weaknesses are the things that could really hold me back from becoming a good manager and even being able to become one at all. I think they are the most important part of this whole assignment. My weaknesses are big weaknesses that will take much effort on my part but must be done in order to be a successful manager. Works Cited Security or Autonomy- page 43 Would You Make A Good Global Manger?- page 121 What’s Your Personal Decision Style?- page 233 Are You Tuned In to Gender Differences?- page 371 How Tolerant Are You?-page 380 Personality Assessment: Jung’s Typology- page 428 What’s Your Personal Style?- page 444 Leadership Aptitude Questionnaire- page 471 What’s Your Control Approach- page 617 Is Your Budget In Control?- page 625

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