The Push out of Texas

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The Push out of Texas

A rich part of American history takes place in Texas around the early to middle part of the nineteenth century. During this time period, Texas became a region of American settlement. The price to pay for that settlement, however, ranged on a variety of levels for the different cultures and races of people living there. During this time period, three different groups of people lived in this region. These groups included the Cherokee Indians, Mexicans, and European settlers. Before times of conflict, these three ethnic groups coexisted on the land in peace. However, the Mexican-American War of 1836 changed the region of Texas. After the war, the American settlers pushed for the removal of the Mexicans and Cherokee Indians off the land through the use of force and deceit.

One of the groups of people to endure the price of discrimination, violence, and hatred, just to become American citizens, were the Mexican-Americans. The lives of the Tejanos, or Texas Mexicans, were abused and disgraced religiously, economically, politically, and morally due to the prejudices of the southern states and the Mexican War.

The name itself, Mexican-Americans, defines these people as citizens of the United States who can trace their ancestry or history back to Mexico. In the nineteenth century, a dominant characteristic of the Mexican-Americans was their cherished Roman Catholic faith. During the Texas Revolution, Texan rebels knew that one way to infuriate the Tejanos was to destroy their places of worship. A good example of the rage can be seen at the site of Fannin’s Massacre, which took place in a town named La Bahia, Texas.

This town was once an important port with thousands of residents. After the destruction ...

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