The Pursuit of Potential: America’s Economic Freedom and Right to Education

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American’s economic freedom creates an environment that allows citizens to pursue their interests and achieve greater prosperity. This freedom gives each citizen great power and potential. Without it, they could lose their rights to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. An individual who utilized his economic freedom and his right to an education was Michael Dell. America’s unique economic freedoms give citizens the opportunity to educate oneself in fields they are interested in, utilize America’s educational institutions, and develop a sense of self through success.
Citizens are given the right to an education which allows them to gain knowledge through educational institutions. Also, citizens can educate themselves with outside resources such as online articles or with hands on experiments, such as dissecting something and figuring out how is works. Michel Dell’s pursuit to of knowledge in business and computers started at the age of twelve when he obtained a job washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant. Working at the restaurant helped Michael Dell develop a strong work ethic...
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