The Purpose of Education

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Purpose of Education In almost every culture and in all parts of the world, getting an education is valuable to a person’s future. But what is it that makes education so valuable? What is the purpose of an education starting from the early stages of a child’s development into adolescents, and from adolescents into adulthood? There are many different reasons why a K-12 education is important. Although Kindergarten seems like a place where kids color all day and have recess, there is actually a very intense learning process in effect. Not only are those children learning how to socialize with other children of their same age group, but they are also being taught kindliness, discipline, how to respect there fellow classmates, how to share with others, how to be honest, etc. All of these values are crucial to a child’s educational development as well as their development as a person. Once when I was in Kindergarten and the teacher left the room for a moment, I took some candy out of her top draw confident that she would not find out. Nevertheless, we ...

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