The Purpose of Education

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The Purpose of Education Have you ever found yourself sitting in class, thinking "What is the point to this?" "Thinking; I'm not even going to take this subject; "wondering; how relevant will this be to everyday life?" Today I am going to talk 2 u about education. In my not so humble opinion, education is extremely badly run. The main fault I have found with education is this; most of the things you have spent hours learning will, if they are not forgotten, play little or no part in your life. Does every teenager in the country need to know the detailed workings of the digestive system or how to dissect a sheep? Why is it absolutely vital that they are educated on so many aspects of Historical interest, such as the First World War, or the Greek's brilliant (although of course wrong) ideas on the causes of disease? Is there actually any point to spending months learning how to do quadratic equations or how to work out the length of a side of a triangle? What is the point of Pythagoras? The meaning in microbiology, The relevance of the Romans? I admit that it could b argued that this information "stretches your mind" & in some situations carries relevance and meaning. But it will only stretch your mind if you actually care about what you are learning, & those situations will only occur within a small percentage of the population, such as those who aspire to be Archaeologists or Librarians or quiz show contestants. I am not asking that this information be forgotten, but it should not

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