The Purpose Of Marketing In The World Of Business Marketing

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Marketing is about value creation of the product or service, the more you add value, the more you will get competitive advantage in the competitions in the market. The purpose of marketing is to build and develop strong relationship with the customer in a specific customer segment. In today’s world of business marketing’s role is to provide differentiations of the products and services and capture a strong customers’ focus and build loyalty for long term business commitments. Understanding the core marketplace, identification of needs, want and demand of the customers and coordination of these tasks is the aim of marketing to satisfy the customers. Marketing can easily figure out the satisfaction criteria of the customers, market offerings and value of which customers are keen on. According to Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G. (2000), marketing investigates to attract more customers by adding the best of the value they need, offers advantages of having the product or service and enhances relationship providing value added services regularly. Targeting and capturing customers is one of the most difficult jobs for the companies, marketing strategy ease the way capturing the customers effectively. According to Lancaster, G. and Withey, F. (2007), to being successful, the companies have to be strongly market focused. Marketing builds relation with customers providing superior customer value and attracts them providing value added services as well as increases the number of potential customers in a regular basis. Marketing understands the customer needs, designs a superior strategy based on need, want and demand, builds strong relationship with the customers and capture value from the in return. Marketing creates customer loyalty and retent...

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...rvice. In fact, Sheila reckoned the market factors very importantly to her marketing plan. A better understanding of the market information can be useful for the successful marketing plan. The demand would be high from previous customers for this new service and that SMT would also be able to attract business from new customers. Offering short breaks over the Channel Tunnel and short trips based on the core customer segment and their preferences turns business profitable from the increased demand for short breaks and that there were sufficient potential customers available in UK market. This study shows that Sheila and her marketing team’s management their business considering the market research methods which is very influential to the effective marketing plan. By offering unique services and benefits SMT can increase its first brand image to the customers in UK.
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