The Purpose Of Attending School

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The purpose of attending school whether it is college or K-12 is to gain the necessary knowledge that will help a person get through every day life. In grades K-12, the students are learning mathematical equations and grammar rules to assist with day to day events such as handling money and communicating with others. In college, students are learning specific information to their field in order to be qualified for their job of choice. It is important for students to learn and retain information in order to advance to the next phases of life and continue to succeed. For example, grades K-12 help students learn information to be accepted into college. College gives students the necessary information to do a job and possibly pass a licensing exam. Even when a person has a professional career, they are constantly learning new information and building off of what they already know. For students to learn information, testing is an essential educational tool. In the classroom, regardless of grade, students are required to learn information and take a test. The best way to see what a student has learned is to test them on that material. Testing not only shows what a student has learned but it can also help with the learning process as well. For example, the testing effect proves that students long term retention improves when they are tested rather than repeatedly studying the information over and over again. Rodeiger and Karpicke did a study on the testing effect. There were two main goals of the study. One goal was to examine the testing effect with educationally-relevant conditions such as prose and free recall. The second goal of the study was to examine whether testing enhances learning more than restudying inform... ... middle of paper ... ...1, participants were required to study he 30 word pairs once. After studying, participants were tested on the word pairs twice. Participants were given the first word from the pair and they were asked to recall the associated word. The participants had 6 seconds to type in their answer and they were not given feedback on their performance. Session 2 was done exactly one week after session one. The session was exactly the same for both SSS and STT conditions. Session 2 was a final recall test. Participants were given the first word from a word pair and asked to recall the second word. The session was paced by the participants, so they could take as long as they needed to recall the word to the word pair. They did this for all 30 word pairs. Once that was over, the participants were asked questions on their age, gender, class standing and grade point average.
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