The Pure Evil of the Final Solution

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For many educated people learning about the Holocaust can send them feelings of sorrow or deep remource. Not only for the meaning of the word, but why it is called that. The pure evil of the final solution created thought of and created by none other than Adolf Hitler will never stop haunting people more than half a decade later. One of the prominat things that everyone missed in his highly sold auto-biography "My struggle". The thought of solid hatrid found within the cover of the horiable book will always burn in the souls that it harmed from the day it began till the dawn of today.

Soon after Hitler was released from prision capasity he was on a yellow brick path to his distinctive plan. He was released from a German jail for turning his life around, mainly for righting his composition. In search of a political party he found himself at the doorstep of the Nazi party. Not long after gaining control of the group he took under his wing he was rising up the government. Before long he was passing laws such as that once the current cancellor died or was murdered there wouldnt be a new election, but Hitler becoming the ruler of Germany.

It wasnt long before the chancellor of Germany was dead, and Hitler had successfully obtained power of the county he suposively loved so much. RIght off the bat Hitler started inforcing his racist laws upon the country, also releasing a list of undesirables that were not wanting within the boundries of Germany. The German population had fallen into his subducing will for power and superiority and followed in his footsteps to start hating the people that had brought them to the level they were at after the first World War. The undesirables life in Germany was horiable, and got worse everyday. The nig...

... middle of paper ... prevent it from ever happening again. Because there is no doubt that there is someone as nuts as Hitler to try and kill a whole race. People should study the Holocaust as a whole to witness the distinguished disaster that was Earth at this point of time and make sure it will never happen to anyone ever again.

This time period in Earths whole exhistense must be the worst ever and hopefully to come. Millions of ordinary people taken form their homes and placed in horiable death and work camps plainly because someones religion. Normal people just like the Franks and Van Daans. To read their story is sad but at the same time it creates the urdge in people to stop it from coming about again. The millions of people that died in this time period will be remembered through Diarys like Anne's. This is why another holocaust cannot come around once more to hit the Earth.
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