The Punishment of Homosexuality in Germany

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The Punishment of Homosexuality in Germany

As the Nazis rose to power, they constructed strict laws regarding male homosexuality for many reasons. The Nazis were primarily concerned with preserving and reproducing people of pure German blood. Consequently, in order to catalyze the purification of the German population, the Nazis sterilized those who were not fit to reproduce and forced those who were fit to procreate. The Nazis wanted all able men and women to produce and bear offspring, however homosexual males would not take part in the male role of reproduction because of their sexual orientation. As a result, many of Germany’s two million male homosexuals were imprisoned and/or incinerated for their homosexual acts and desires. In order to further cultivate the population of Aryans, the Nazis tried to construct a heterosexual society by creating or revising new laws and documents that aimed to discriminate male homosexuals. This goal of discrimination was an attempt to decline the rate of male homosexuality in order to persuade able men in becoming heterosexual and produce children to support the Volksgemeinschaft.

Although female homosexuals existed in Germany, they were not targeted and discriminated against like male homosexuals. Male homosexuality posed a greater threat to the Nazis because it was considered to be a waste of procreation for men to be gay. It also posed a greater threat because it went against “man’s nature-given position” to woman. Male homosexuality was also far more hazardous because it posed a moral threat to the German “Volk” and its morals. In the report “Attacks on Morality” presented in the Humanities Core Course Reader (270-273), Prof. Dr Wenzeslaus Graf von Gleispac...

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...e fit to produce into reproduction.

The Nazis goal of producing a pure bred German blood race contained problems not only with the Jews, but also with the homosexuals within the nation. The homosexuals were going against everything the Nazis wanted. Because they were homosexual, they were not able to procreate due to their sexual orientation. Along with their lack of procreating, they attacked the morals of the “Volk” and degraded the nation’s image. They didn’t want to produce offspring to preserve the nation and was only concerned about their own pleasure. They also made Germans appear frail and sickening. Because of this, the Nazis had to find a way to keep homosexuals from their nation. And in order to do so, the Nazis created and revised strict laws to rid the nation of male homosexual activity to fulfill the ideals of the Volksgemeinschaft.