The Publically Funded and the Privately Silenced

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When a student is trying to figure out which college they should attend, they ask themselves questions, such as: “Do they offer my major? How far from home is it? Can I afford it?” What a student fails to ask themselves is, “What can I say at any time? Will I get in trouble for anything confrontational?” All of the questions mentioned are important and should be considered by a student when searching for the right school for theme. Authors such as Gerald Uelmen recognize the difference between free speech on a public campus versus a private campus and why it is necessary for college students.
There are typically two different types of schools an individual can attend: a public school or a private school. Whether it is first grade or college, the differences between the two typically stay the same. The staff of GreatSchools wrote an article titled, “Private Versus Public” and highlighted the key differences between public and private. The biggest differences is the price, while a public school is funded by the government and the taxes that they collect, most private schools require a tuition fee which can vary depending on whether or not your child plans to live there (Private Versus Public, 2012). How the school is funded plays a huge roll in what the school can and cannot due. While a public school is typically part of a school district run by the greater state, a private school can only have to report and listen to what a church group says.
Because of the different funding styles received by public and private schools, the laws and regulations that apply to public schools do not always apply to private schools. A law that is put on public schools but not private is the right to teacher led prayer in a private school....

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...private school may offer great incentives and promise that a student will have a 100% chance of going to college, they can lack the ability to prepare a student for college and the workforce. While public schools are funded by the government and can vary greatly between districts in what kind of education they offer, they truly are the most effective way to be educated on the rest of the world and how to be accustomed to working with a diverse group of people.
While a private school may be tempting with promises of perfect graduations and college attendance rates, they may not be for every individual. When choosing what school to attend it is always important to consider what is best for the student. If a student and the parents want and realize the importance of a diverse education with people from different backgrounds, they should consider a public school.

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