The Protestant Reformation And Martin Luther's Break With The Catholic Church

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164 words

The Protestant Reformation of the Church turned the world upside down. John Calvin and Martin Luther paved the path for the revolutionary ideas of religion. Luther broke with the Catholic Church due to various reasons. However, he didn’t “leave” it was much more complicated than that. Luther was excommunicated by Catholics due to the fact that he didn’t recognize the pope as head of the Church. Next in the line of cast aways is king Henry VIII, who broke with the church as well. Henry wanted a divorce, but the pope wouldn’t grant him one due to a legitimate gun pointed to his head. Thusly, Henry took it upon himself to become head of the church and grant his own divorce using the Act of Supremacy. There still is a question lingering about these

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  • Analyzes how the protestant reformation of the church turned the world upside down. john calvin and martin luther paved the path for revolutionary ideas of religion.
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