The Protestant Reformation

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During the Late Middle Ages, Christian followers and clergy were becoming increasingly concerned about the corruption of the church. Some had even declared that the dogma was false, however, the church had dealt with similar challenges before. In the 1500’s a new series of attacks on the church’s authority had started to destroy Christianity creating both political and cultural consequences.

At the center of the changes happening in Germany was Martin Luther who lived between 1483 and 1546. His life began simply enough. His father was a merchant and his grandfather was a peasant. Luther originally went to university to become a lawyer, when he had, “the calling” to become a not-so-humble Augustinian monk in 1505. He spent his life studying theology, becoming a cherished professor at the University of Württemberg in Germany. He was concerned to the point of obsession about sin and his search for salvation, and with help from his studies and desire for the truth; he became one of the biggest critics of the Catholic Church.

Luther had many issues with the church, but his loathing for venality, the selling of things the church deems as taboo or illegal, and especially that of indulgences was what broke the camel’s back. These indulgences, which the church issued so, someone might be forgiven of their sins, was a considerable source of profits by as early as the 1400’s. Luther was vehemently against the trading of relics associated with Saint. He felt it encouraged superstition and pagan thoughts of magic, bringing them further from the true faith of the Christian beliefs.

Luther’s most important criticisms had to do with the Catholic Theology. His argument was this: The Church had gotten away from the fundamentals of the...

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...lvinists, which was the catalyst to the Hundred Years War.

The Catholic church was losing ground physically and in the hearts of the people. While there were still a great many who remained loyal to Catholicism, there were still people like Calvin, King Henry VIII and Luther who felt the need to call the Catholics out on the problems within their faith, and how it was affecting everyone else.

The reforms that had begun through the Lutheran folks, pushed its way through Europe which caused the Catholic church to become nervous. The Catholics fought back vigerously, but to no avail. The Lutherans, Calvins, Puratins and the countless other denominations formed from this big mess that has helped shape the modern world.

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