The Protestant Refomation and Martin Luther

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The Protestant Refomation

Religious change was comming.In the 16th century some people were angry. They were angry about how the Roman Catholic Church was running things. Some people voiced their anger, such as John Calvin and Martin Luther. Change did happen in that time period, the event is called the Protestant Reformation.
The Protestant Reformation started in 1517, when a man by the name of Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the doors of Wittenberg's all Saints Church. That may be what historians say started the Protestant Reformation, but there was a lot of uneasy feelings about the Church before Martin Luther. The thing is though, the people were too scared to stand up for what they believed to be wrong. They were scared of what the Church would do if they spoke up. They were right to be scared. The Church had too much power.
A lot of people agreed with what Martin said like John Calvin. John Calvin did not directly agree with Martin Luther but they shared very similar beliefs. The Church, however, did not agree with what he said, and they definately didn't appreciate his critisim.They tried to get Martin to recant on what he wrote, but Martin, who was seeking peace with God, would not recant. Martin believed that his message should be heard, and it was.
The reason Martin Luther wrote the Ninety-fives Theses is because the Church was no longer doing everything through God's word. Like selling indulgences. Luther thought indulgences had no real base in the bible. An indulgence was thought to be a lessining of time a soul had to spend in purgatory. The Church also got greedy.The Church started increasing fees for things like baptisms, and weddings.
Some people may be wondering, why did the Church need so m...

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...everything I did involving the Roman Catholic Church was great, not everyone agreed with me. One person who didn't agree with me was Pope Leo X. He didn't agree with me because I was right. I was pointing out his selfishness and he didn't like that.
I pointed out that he was using God's word to make others believe that they needed to pay the Church for things. He felt as if he, being the Pope, had supreme authority. He thought he had the power to do anything he wanted and he let that power go to his head.
When I posted my Ninety-five Theses on the Church doors, he became afraid, and angry. "How could a nobody monk possibly think he could expose me?" I imagine thats what Pope Leo X was thinking when he saw my Theses. I know he was angry because of how hard he tried to get me to take back my word. I think that if I was in his shoes I would think the same things.
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