The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

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As awareness of global warming is raised, many alternative actions have been taken to help prevent this problem. Wind energy is one alternative solution that we use today in our society to fight global warming. However, there are many people who are sceptical about how effective this method is. Is wind energy an important part of fighting global warming? Global warming is the increase in the Earth's temperature caused by human activities, such as burning coal, oil and natural gas. This releases gases such as: carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Some people are very sceptical about how reliable wind is as a source of energy. One major drawback of wind energy is that the wind does not blow reliably or constantly. There are inevitably long periods when the wind is not strong enough to generate electricity. It means that wind turbines cannot completely solve Britain’s energy needs, for there is no efficient way to store the electricity produced when high winds are blowing so that it can be used when they are not. As a result of this, in order to keep the UK running smoothly, we would need to have a back-up reserve of electricity. In this case, we would still need to use coal=powered plants to supply us with energy. For example, the largest single turbine available today can only provide enough electricity for 475 homes when running at full capacity. How many would be needed to power a town of 100,000 homes? We must also recognise the fact that that there must be at least a wind of 14mph to convert wind into energy which is not always a certainty. Hence wind is rarely a reliable source of energy, as it does not blow constantly and does not always generate a strong enough wind to convert into usea... ... middle of paper ... ... local suppliers. We must make more use of cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable energy sources? Is doing all this worth saving the planet? In conclusion wind energy is a crucial component in fighting global warming but there are a few ways in which it does not. Wind energy is not the most reliable source of energy and as yet does not reduce our reliance on coal, oil and natural gas- so if it is not significantly helping the ecosystem. Conversely we must recognise the potential wind power has to help the environment, and it does not contribute to global warming. There are no dangerous financial implications as wind is not a finite resource, and with modern technology can be captured effectively for us to use any way we wish. We could really change the modern world, both financially and environmentally. Our dependency on fossil fuels could really be reduced.

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