The Pros and Cons of Using Information Technology in Teaching

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Information Technology in


The most obvious advantage of using information technology in teaching

and learning is the flexibility for learners to get access to

computers. Now that computers have become common, learners can get

access to the Internet and engage in study at any time, any place and

at their own pace. This is the reason why distance learning has become

so common nowadays.

Another advantage of information technology is its versatility. Other

than just sounds, computers can produce colourful graphics, which will

greatly enhance the learning outcome as learners will retain the

majority of what is taught through sights rather than sounds. Besides,

compared with humans, computers have absolute superiority in

generating attractive graphics. In a nutshell, a picture is worth more

than a thousand words.

Besides, computers can provide instant feedback to learners when they

are doing exercises or practising. Learners don't have to wait for

teachers to mark their answers or give comments. Immediate feedback

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