The Pros and Cons of Technology In Schools

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Advantages and Disadvantages With Technology In Schools

Technology is being used in every school in America. Some schools are based around technology solely. For instance getting a college degree using the Internet where you never see any of the teachers and you could also live in a different state. Technology has helped out in so many ways especially in schools but it also has many disadvantages in school too. In this paper you will see the advantages and disadvantages with using technology in schools discussed thought out this paper. After you have read this paper it should help you decide weather or not you believe technology is helpful for students and teachers.

Students, and soon to be teachers have no choice but to notice how they were taught in school is extremely different than the way in which they will be teaching. This is due to the extreme advance in technology. The main reason is the Internet and the capability it has for students and teachers. One of the best things that Internet has done for students is make learning much easier. In a survey done by Patrick Kablis (2004) on Towson University’s students who are majoring in Physical Education. They said that the Internet has helped them through out college. In the survey, 80% of the students said the PowerPoint was second to only the Internet. The reason for this was students could follow along with the teacher’s lectures much easier when they are using PowerPoint in their lectures. They also said, “teachers made it even better because they where posting there PowerPoint on Blackboard before the class.” (Kablis, 2004) Blackboard is a website Towson University uses so students and teacher can keep in touch much easier. When teachers ...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in schools.
  • Analyzes how the internet has made learning much easier for students and teachers. 80% of towson university's students said the powerpoint was second to only the internet.
  • Explains that the internet has helped students with their research on papers. it's a very easy way to find information that will be useful for their papers and it has also helped teachers.
  • Explains that professors teach their students how to be good teachers when they graduate, but after their first couple of years it gets hard. teachers would never have class because they would have to go to conventions just to keep up with the changes.
  • Explains that students can take online classes and send their material to the teachers through email or other such things. they can have a full time job and be able to make enough money to pay for these classes.
  • Opines that powerpoint can be a great tool for teachers and students, but the flaws come into perspective. teachers should mix up the technology with lectures to keep students' attention.
  • Opines that technology that isn't used for class work is nothing but a big disruption to class.
  • Opines that emailing is a great tool for students to stay in close contact with their teachers, but there are problems with it.
  • Explains that students aren't getting the same types of social skills due to the lack of group work and activities where you must use a partner in classes.
  • Opines that technology is inevitable in schools today. it has many advantages and disadvantages for students and teachers.
  • Cites archer, jeff, and brooksky, rivkela. classroom cell phone disruptions.
  • Cites eisenberg, michael, jones, darren, and kablis, patrick.
  • Analyzes how technology enhances inquiry-based learning. technology integration requires restructuring teachers’ instruction methods.
  • Explains the impact of technology on student learning. u.s. army research institute and boise state university.
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