The Pros and Cons of Social Media

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As a teenager associated with the “technological revolution”, it has only been fate to be consumed by the constant social media that surrounds our society. With a phone always in hand, and a new app ready to be downloaded, the people of the current generation are being mind-blocked by the tweets and posts of their numerous friends. As I walk down the hallway of my high school, I see the tops of my classmates heads. Resembling a kangaroo, they are hunched over, arms bent with an iPhone glued to their faces, eager to catch up on whatever tweets they haven’t seen. Eager to see what “selfie” their favorite celebrity has posted on Instagram. The constant mentality of, “ Oh that would be a good tweet”, or “ Lets post theses pictures on Facebook”, defines how teenagers of this generation focus more on how they could build up their identity of being funny, or having a great time, when in reality, it can be all fake. If only all these tweets, or chats were spoken to each other, teenagers will have a tremendous increase in their social skills, which is a major downside of social media. Social media also affects education, as it is a distraction. Even businesses are taking advantage of this social media craze, as they are manipulating the use of advertising through consumers posts. Social Media has changed society, and it will continue to change it. Yet, the impacts are taking a negative effect on teenagers, and future generations to come. First off, when and how did social media become such a dominant aspect in our world? This revolution began when computers decreased in price in the late 1980’s. The startup of internet service providers (IPS): AOL,, and, initiated communication through the internet, and the... ... middle of paper ... ...ced. As a teenager, your identity and reputation can be crucial, but using media to create identities is not an effective way to establish it. Lack of engaging conversations, and patience to communicate is having huge effects on social skills, anxiety, depression, education and more. As students, their priority is to focus on their education, and sites like twitter and facebook are mostly just a distraction that leads them to more procrastination. Although, there are benefits to social media, the negative aspects is too grand to overlook. No, we can not get rid of technology, or eliminate the impact it has had, but we can try and improve it. Take the initiative to reduce to need for teenagers to constantly know what everyone else is doing, and use social media in moderation. By Improving the use of modernized communication, we are only improving ourselves.

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