The Pros and Cons of Paying College Athletes

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LeBron James makes 19.07 million dollars a year, Kobe Bryant makes 30.45 million a year, Peyton Manning makes 18 million dollars a year, the average college athlete makes no money at all. Why do college athletes that put in just as much work get paid differently? This is the way many people feel about NCAA's decision to not pay college athletes. There are always people who think teams should pay their athletes but there are just as many who people who disagree. Paying college athletes continues to be a huge debate in the sports world there are pros and cons for both and both need to be considered in the big decision that the NCAA has to make.

There are many pros to paying college athletes. "They are unpaid workers, and in big time college athletics, not just football, there are no amateurs. Whenever you get something of value for preforming athletically, you’re a professional."(pros, cons on pay for play). People do believe that the players deserve compensation for the revenue they bring in. Some players come from a bad poor family and scholarships can pay for school but what about the trips the take for away games, what about the extras like food and clothes? These are just a few reasons that need to be considered when the decision comes on paying these athletes. Paying the students could also give them reason to go and stay in college instead of going professional early. The money of the professional leagues is tempting for many students but that money is only temporary. If the

athletes stay in school when they are done with sports they can be successful in the real world with their college degree.

There also many cons in paying college athletes. "If we move toward pay-for-play - if we convert our student athletes to emp...

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... and there hasn’t seem to be many problems. So instead of being single-minded we need to look at the big picture when we make the decision about paying college athletes.

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