The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

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Online Classes: Advantages and Disadvantages

Most people have very busy lives, thus not leaving much time for anything else. Many of these people would like to have the time to return to school for different reasons (i.e. earning a higher degree, taking a class on something they enjoy, ect.). What comes to mind when trying to fit schooling into ones very busy schedule is online classes. Taking classes online has become very popular lately. Although popular, these classes have their advantages and disadvantages. I will examine the issues of online based classes to give a better insight as to which one would prefer; online classes or face-to-face classes.

I personally like having online classes. I work a very hectic schedule and it is much easier for me to run to a computer and get my assignments and do my work all at the same time, rather than to travel to and from classes and sit in class for hours at the time. I am disciplined enough to handle independent classes, and I guess in order to do well in a class that is entirely over the internet, you would have to be disciplined.?, (Rice) said one individual who likes taking online classes. Online based classes have many different advantages. One major advantage to taking online classes is the time factor. Taking an online class can allow one to basically ?go to class? on their own time. They do not have to rearrange their schedules to accommodate going to class. One can just set aside a certain amount of time each day or week that fits their schedule; there is no worrying about being late and rushing to get to class on time. If one?s schedule allows 5-9 hours per week to working on course assignments, then online learning has great advantages. Many people who hav...

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