The Pros and Cons of Children Watching Television

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Television since its invention has come to be an influential part of the everyday life. The question that is presented now is if television is in fact a positive or negative factor in the lives of those who watch it. One side of the debate in favor in the usage of television says that television is something that can be used to educate and improve lives. The opposing side to this debate claims that television does little more than numb the mind and creates habits that harm the body. I believe that while television may have some positive benefits when put to good use, but downsides of television use outweigh any possible benefits as it can be detrimental to not only the mind but the body. The potential that television has to do harm is not only limited to those in one culture but in all places and age groups.
One age group that is exposed to the negative effects of television are children. Television use by children could not only damage the child’s self-image, but also how they come to see the world. A study was conducted using young girls from the ages of nine to twelve to see the effect the advertisements and programs of womanly figures on television would have on them. After asking the girls how they felt about themselves after watching the women that are displayed on television as the standard or “beautiful” idea of women the entire group of girls reported having stronger feelings of dissatisfaction with their own bodily image. In another study the conductors of the study sought out to find the relationship between television and the stereotyping of women and their everyday roles. The children in this experiment were asked to watch two shows, and one that portrayed women in a “traditional” occupation and another in which a...

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