The Pros and Cons of Casual Sex

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A committed, long-term relationship is what most single individuals seek to achieve at some point in their lives. Our single friends are a testament to the struggle and confusion of being unattached. There are unspoken and spoken rules that can make the dating world a tough one to navigate. Many do find some value in having a committed relationship and some can only see the negatives: how hard it is to trust, how hard it is to find the “perfect” companion, and how hard it is to find someone who values honesty! So in response generations have been focusing less on an ideal relationship and seeking self fulfilment instead. Casual sex, hook ups, or encounters all mean the same thing and seem to fit the situation by which college students are participating. Casual couplings are said to be detrimental to those involved but studies show that in fact it can be beneficial and even less harmful than a committed long term relationship. Not sure what it is with the word sex that has makes many find this topic embarrassing, like it is something to be bashful about. Everyone is not fooling around but depending on where the survey is taken the results will vary. One thing is for sure, there are people who are hooking up all over the world. The percentage of those involved changes so it is hard to gauge just how many are partaking. Casual sex is having sexual contact with another person with no future plans on becoming a couple or promising each other any type of commitment (Wentland). Other than fulfilling each other’s need for sexual gratification, which some may mistake or even consider intimacy. Everywhere and anywhere that one is shopping for casual relations, there are rules and codes to live by. This is supposed to be easier than actuall... ... middle of paper ... ...: An Exploration of the Contemporary Double Standard." Journal of Sex Research 48.5 (2011): 437-449. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Nov. 2013. Sakaluk, John K., and Robin R. Milhausen. "Factors Influencing University Students’ Explicit and Implicit Sexual Double Standards." Journal of Sex Research 49.5 (2012): 464-476. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Nov. 2013. Siegel, Stanley. "In Favor of Casual Sex." Psychology Tomorrow Magazine. Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, Nov. 2012. Web. 15 Oct. 2013. Wentland, Jocelyn J., and Elke D. Reissing. "Taking Casual Sex Not Too Casually: Exploring Definitions of Casual Sexual Relationships." Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality 20.3 (2011): 75-91. Academic Search Premier. Web. 4 Oct. 2013. Rhoads, Steven. "Hookup Culture: The High Costs of a Low 'Price' for Sex." Society Dec. 2012: 515. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 5 Nov. 2013.
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