The Pros and Cons of Abortion, Prostitution and Gun Control

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Your body is yours to do as you please. For some they argue yes, while others are completely against it. When talking about your body it is a reference to drugs, Abortion and prostitution, when these words are brought up people views change completely. Although many views I will only highlight a select few but there is a huge debate in each one of these topics. Another huge point is the government controlling people gun rights, in recent light of Obama threatening to take away guns from the American people this has sparked a huge debate in our country. With many people taking different sides there is no way to remain neutral on the topic for every person thinks differently. This paper will go in depth on the pros and cons of each topic along with the effect of it on the American people, our government, and the economy/tax dollars. These topics have such a wide foreground that each person’s views are a little different in some way and this paper will talk about some of the different views people have. Do you believe that the government should be able to control what you do to your body or change the rights youre born with?
Gun Control is a huge debate in our country, one point is that guns pose a huge threat to our society as if they remain legal then they become easier to purchase, but if they are illegal then there will be less guns and in turn less guns for criminals to be able to get. More guns means more gun accidents, this is also a big threat when 123,000 gun related accidents happen each year. With taking away guns it removes some problems the cons far outweigh the pros of banning guns. First if you take away guns from the good citizens who follow the law then the criminals who don’t follow the law will still keep their g...

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