The Pros And Cons Of Youth Gangs

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Propose a solution There are many solutions that address youth gangs and violence; many include community based programs. Although there are proven solutions to these problems, the percentages involving youth gangs and violence continue to grow. A solution to combat youth gangs is to reduce their attraction. (Taylor & Smith). As shown previously there are many reasons as to why juveniles join gangs, which include, building relationships with family and friends, protection, sense of belonging, status, outlaw mentality and economics (National Youth Gang Center, 2007). In order to reduce the attractiveness of these supposed gang benefits the appeal of alternative organizations or programs need to be increased. The goal needs to be offering youth organizations and programs with a uniqueness that equally matches the popularity of the gangs. These organizations need to encourage constructive opportunities amongst adolescents, train and educate for a productive future, involve law enforcement for a more active…show more content…
Some can see the determination to end all youth gangs as a form of respect for the juvenile as well as for the families and the community. Saint Leo’s Cove Value of Respect discusses how as members of society we must respect each other and live and work harmoniously with one another (Saint Leo University). While shown through the actions of the community and law enforcement, they are trying to reduce gang violence by educating minors so they can have successful futures. Respect is important for anyone to go through life, we need it, crave it and demand it. Saint Leos Core Value of Respect enlightens the core belief and shows through all the efforts that respect in societies in relation to youth gangs is not lost. These kids will not be disrespected or lost within the cracks of

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