The Pros And Cons Of Virtue Ethics

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Virtue ethics is concerned with being a good person and exhibiting good virtues. Using animals for cosmetic testing purposes often times is a clear example of when one lacks virtue and exhibits vices. Being a caring, compassionate and loving person is what one would hope we all strive to be in our everyday life. Virtuous traits must move beyond the inconsistency towards animals and instead should shift these virtues into their consistency, thus including animals in moral value. For the treatment of animals to be improved upon with lasting change and equality, the argument for what is considered virtuous must expand to animals aside from humans. Compassion is one of the easiest virtues to incorporate into your daily habits. It does not take…show more content…
Without cosmetic testing, millions of animals lives will not have to be compromised and spared for the testing of cosmetic products. Animal testing is costly as one has to incorporate the spending on the animal’s food, caging, maintenance etc. That money can be used elsewhere, possibly to invest in other alternatives. Without animals to be the subject of cosmetic testing, the industries will have to turn towards alternative methods of testing which have been shown to be more effective in terms of the success in results and more cost effective as well. Finally there will be an overall increase in public morality and virtue as a result of ending cosmetic testing on animals. Happiness will be maximized for both humans and animals and humans will continue to fulfill their duty to respect the life of all beings, including animals. Society will be better off without such acts of cruelty and the lives of animals won’t be used as a means only. Allowing cosmetic testing on animals ensures the safety of products for human use, however the results are not always successful. Some also argue that animals do not share the same rights as humans do by law, therefore it is acceptable to continue testing on animals. Based on the probable consequences of acting on the presumption, it is evident that there is more good than harm brought about by acting on this presumption and confirms that it is morally wrong to continue cosmetic testing on animals due to lack of virtue and the wrong in using animals as mere means to our superficial
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