The Pros And Cons Of Vaccine

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Why Vaccinations are key to Survival
“On Saturday, June 17, 1916, an official announcement of the existence of an epidemic polio infection was made in Brooklyn, New York. That year, there were over 27,000 cases and more than 6,000 deaths due to polio in the United States.”(Schneider). Before the polio vaccine was developed in 1955 by Dr. Salk, polio was the United States most feared disease. But thanks to doctors like Dr. Salk, doctors have developed a vaccination for other diseases, not just polio, which helped eradicate and eliminate many diseases that have killed millions in the past. Today, many American parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to a variety of unfounded fears. Vaccinations should be mandatory, unless a person has
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Yes, vaccines can cause some serious side effects and even death, but the chance of that happening are slim. If a child does have an allergic reaction it easily treated with benadryl which should stop the reaction. Is it really worth risking not getting vaccinated and having the possibility of catching a fatal disease that is preventable with vaccines? The pros clearly outweigh the cons and it should be mandatory that everyone should be vaccinated unless the person has a medical condition that prevents them from being…show more content…
Vaccines cost less in money and in time to get than to contract a disease. It is easier to just get vaccinated than having to pay for doctor visits or taking a time off work to get better or take care of a sick child.“In Jan. 2008 outbreak of measles in San Diego, CA resulted in 11 unvaccinated children catching measles and a resulting net public-sector cost of $10,376 per case (or, $123,512 total) due to emergency vaccination and outbreak response.”(Heyworth) Vaccinations not only save precious time and money but it also protects future generations of people.
Mothers that are vaccinated are able to protect their unborn children from viruses that could potentially cause birth defects “From 1963 to 1965, a rubella epidemic swept throughout the world. In the United States alone, about 11,000 babies died and 20,000 babies developed birth defects from rubella.”(About Rubella). “Women who were vaccinated at a young age against rubella have tremounouly decreased their chances of giving the virus to their children, eliminating the chances of birth defects connected to that disease” (About
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