The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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The major controversy about immunizations is whether or not they are safe. Most of the arguments against vaccination appeal to parents’ understandable deep-seated concerns for the health of their children, particularly with very young babies. Unfounded allegations regarding adverse effects from vaccines typically target feared diseases, or syndromes or conditions of unknown or uncertain cause, such as autism, sudden infant death syndrome and multiple sclerosis. The most asked question when debating this topic is of course whether or not vaccines are safe or if in reality it is more dangerous to get them, then to not get them. Bliss on a non-bias side argues whether or not it is really necessary to continue arguing this topic, when neither side won’t ever be “right” because everyone believes in different ways and we won’t always agree with each other.1 She addresses both sides of the arguments to show that no one is really “right” when it comes to this topic. Unlike Bliss, Diekema argues for vaccines. He believes that the benefits they provide are extensively beneficial to the child that is immunized. He talks about the potential harm parents bring to not only their kid but others too for not getting them immunized. If a child is not immunized then that child could contact a disease and pass it around to other unimmunized children.2 Diekema argues that the claims made are unproven and just serve as factors to the common untrust of parents regarding medical profession. Katz argument is similar to Diekema. He argues for vaccines and believes the harm of them is overly exaggerated. 3 With one not really knowing the effects of vaccines, there’s really no reason to rant against vaccines. One of the several questions this argument pr... ... middle of paper ... ...y be willing to reconsider the previous vaccine refusals. However, Luty argues differently. She speaks about the school-based immunization clinics throughout the United States and how they have become successful at getting the children immunized. The reason why they are so successful is because they get students, teach them about the vaccines, then they get the shot. The school-based programs where immunizations administered on campus. These clinics employed various strategies of delivering immunizations to large groups of children. The debate over vaccines will never end. With the numerous unanswered questions regarding the real safety of them will always serve as a doubt to the parents. Many will agree with children getting vaccinated but many will also disagree and not get immunized. It’s just a never ending debate that brings different arguments to the table.
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