The Pros And Cons Of Uncivilisive Behavior

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There are a lot of uncivilized behavior in our life, such as mocking another 's race or gender, discrimination in an employment situation, and aggressive driving that endangers others. These inappropriate actions can even threaten the other 's lives. If there is full of abusive behaviors in people’ life, what will the society be? There are lots of rubbish everywhere; racial discrimination will make some people have a nervous breakdown. Some stupid actions can even threaten the other 's lives. If no one wants to obey the traffic rules, the traffic accident will kill thousands of people’s lives. More than 76,000 Americans have been killed walking or crossing the street in the past 15 years(Larry Copeland, News, Pg. 05a). Thus, if the driver has…show more content…
It must not waste human resources and money, and it should also be implemented in the large area; as well, it should make everyone think they get fair treatment. Thus, calming down before people make a decision is a useful measure of rude behavior. If everyone can keep cool before they make a decision, what will the society become? When a person wants to throw litter casually, if he calms down and thinks about the result, and then he will know that is a wrong behavior. After several times, he 's going to throw the trash to the garbage station. When a drive wants to drink or go in an opposite direction, if he calm down and think about the result, and then he will realize that a traffic accident will happen, he will lose his life, his family will be heartbroken. Next time, he will consciously avoid these rude behaviors. How your brain believes your behavior matters, connects to other people and manages stress(Farber, Michael, 2015). Thus, selfishness is the fundamental reason, but people cannot change their character immediately. Calming down is a good way to break the bad habit, and this way only spend people a little time on thinking the result of their behavior. Then people will eliminate both the rude behavior and selfish character.Before people want to do something, they should calm down and think about the result of the things. Then people will realize the rude behavior is harmful to their life. This measure is a more…show more content…
And there are some other solutions are a better measure than calming down, or there are some other solutions are feasible. However, this solution is easy to implement; it is useful for most people. There are, of course, some deficiencies. When people want to use this way, the consciousnesses of individuals are the most important. If some people do not have consciousnesses, they cannot think about the result of the rude behavior. Also, this way will spend a long time on developing this habit. The biggest benefit is that it gives you a chance to observe and understand(Quora, Matheson). In summary, keeping calm and then thinking about the result is an effective measure to alleviate rude

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