The Pros And Cons Of Toys

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Visual images are used to manipulate audiences into seeing what the advertiser wants them to see. Visual arguments are usually more effective than written arguments. It just takes a second to look at a visual ad, but it takes a lot more time to read an argument. Visual arguments use catchy, bright ads to draw our eyes in to see what they have to show us. Leading companies and industries use visual aids to sell products and ideas. One of the products that use catchy and colorful advertisements are toys. Toys have been a main part of every culture as they are incorporated into early history. The type of toys manufactured for the children reflects what the society views as acceptable. These toys are to help children develop skills (social or educational) and teaches them about sexuality, gender and violence. Toy manufactures play an important role in views of children as they voice/communicate the expectations of societal norms. But sometimes its hard to see how these gender marketing in toys…show more content…
Breaking down the barriers is very important because it shapes their minds and it has effects later on in their lives as they move on to adulthood. Most gender labels aim to enforce the gender identity and sex of the child but children fully develop their gender identity by the age of two. Gender is a static and concrete concept and so the children won’t be confused about their sex once their identity has been established. So it is not necessary to segregate by color or label the toys as “for girls” or “for boys” to make them more attractive to a particular gender group. Because kids don’t need to be constantly reminded that they are different from the opposite gender which can lead them to think one gender is more superior to the

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