The Pros And Cons Of The Uniform Crime Report System

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In contemporary society, there are various methodologies for collecting data (Linden 2012). That being said, there are pros and cons to each that are based on reliability and validity; where reliability is consistency of the statistics, and validity is a measure of how accurate the results are in accordance with the research topic. This ties in with how this paper will explore the Uniform Crime Report system (UCR); a measure of crime that is used the most. UCR statistics reflect the crimes that are reported to the police throughout the country. victimization and self-report surveys, which are statistics that reinforce the findings revealed by the UCR, will also be explored. Lastly, the issue of media coverage of crime news will be examined.…show more content…
Rather, the UCR aims to disclose complete national data with increased consistency (reliability). This allows for more validity when comparing statistics. That being said, there is no perfect method of collecting and sharing statistics, leaving UCR under debate of its pros and cons. The first benefit of UCR, specifically in Canada, is that it has progressed ahead of the American UCR system. This benefit is not simply within the Canadian UCR system alone, but also a reflection of the Criminal Code of Canada. To elaborate, the Criminal Code of Canada is document that applies nationally, with no exception allowing for consistent definitions, and classifications of what constitutes crime. Whereas in America, there are 50 states that each have its independent code for criminal definitions and classifications. Thus, on a national scale, America 's UCR system is inconsistent; whereas police departments across Canada share the same definitions and classifications of crime, allowing for more reliable and valid statistics. This is important because it essentially comes down to ease of access and interpretation of statistics. For instance, the Canadian UCR system will not only benefit sociologists, criminologists, and others in the field of occupation that require crime statistics; but also the general population (citizens) who can understand the data more easily. That being said, the UCR has its disadvantages at a foundational, with less regard of the country implementing this
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