The Pros And Cons Of The Rice Project

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When the rice project was first explained to me, I was, as most people would be, quite skeptical. I consider myself to be a spiritual person to some extent, but I had no reason to believe any conscious energy or spiritual forces could be found in dry rice. I’ve heard about home experiments where one talks to potted plants, which was less strange since the plants were actually alive, but could the same really be said about store-bought rice? Despite my misgivings, I was perfectly willing to conduct this experiment with an open mind and cautious optimism. First, I asked my dad to buy me some rice. When I explained what it was for, he gave the same reaction I had (as did the rest of my family), but that didn’t stop him from helping me anyway.…show more content…
On Tuesday I noticed that the rice in the Tesla jar seemed to have absorbed all the water and bloated. The Edison rice, however, was still swimming in water and was starting to dissolve. Upon seeing this I thought that my kind and harsh words had actually affected the rice, albeit not in the way I’d hypothesized. (My sister, being as skeptical as I was at first, suggested that Tesla’s water simply evaporated while Edison’s didn’t, which is possible but unlikely.) This was definitely the most satisfying period of the project, but unfortunately, it was also the last time anything really interesting happened at…show more content…
As before, nothing significant really happened in the Tesla jar besides a few more fermentation bubbles appearing, and Edison jar’s rice still looked like swill. One important note, however, was that I looked at the Westinghouse jar for the first time in a month (since he was kept inside a cabinet away from view). Receiving no interaction whatsoever, the Westinghouse jar looked similar to the Edison one. The water was still visible, but it hadn’t affected the rice very much; half of it remained solid and undissolved. My sister said there were some black mold-like specks inside the jar (she took a peek a day before I did), but I couldn’t find any. Even with this result, though, the week was a boring one, and certainly the low point of the

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