The Pros And Cons Of The New Deal

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At the beginning of the 1930s, millions of Americans were unemployed due to the stock market crash on October 29, 1929 which lead the United States to the Great Depression. This was the greatest economic downturn in United States history. However President Herbert Hoover believe that the citizens would make it through the depression as long as they were patient. However in the election of 1932 American citizens elected Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt in hopes that he would get American on her feet again. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, speech to the Democratic National Convention in 1939 assured Americans that it would not be the individuals responsibility to get their selves out of the Great Depression, but it would be the federal government. He assured the people that he would do whatever he could in office to get the people on…show more content…
Roosevelt took it on his self to create a program called the New Deal. The New Deal is a series of domestic programs to help the American citizens. The New Deal would forever change the federal government. Each program would ensure support for each individual. For instance, Roosevelt created the Agriculture Adjustment Act which was a bill that paid farmers not to produce commodities due to the surplus in the goods, which would enable the prices of goods to increase to make more of a profit. The National Industrial Recovery Act enables the president to regulate the industries to prevent monopolies, helped to decrease inflation and would hopefully allow the prices of the goods to increase. It also, ensured that the employees would be given better work conditions and pay. Roosevelt also created the Tennessee Valley Authority Act which allowed the federal government to create dams for hydroelectric power for the citizens at a low cost to help save money. Though, the New Deal did not put an end to the Great Depression it allowed many citizens get a strong foundation to build from, not only the individuals, but
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